What is the value of university education? How it can impact your career and your potential?

In September 2016, I was walking out of the Bethlehem Chapel, with a degree certificate in my left hand, celebrating a great milestone of my life — the climax of seven expensive years (with one gap year), during which I studied two bachelor’s programs, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, and one master’s program, Software Engineering.

Now, in 2021, five years later, I wanted to look back and retrospectively evaluate the impact of my higher education, with an attempt to answer the following question —…

Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A), a consolidation of companies where one acquires another or several companies merge in one, brings many strategical benefits — expansion into new markets, diversification of services, and increased market share to name a few. Corporate strategy gets reshaped, and the organization sets out on a new journey, towards elevated efficiency and profit.

Yet, like any enterprise, when experiencing a progressive change, adjustments across many domains need to be made — strategic, structural, and cultural.

Strategic challenges are easy to quantify, as they stem from economic prediction models and research, both made on the basis of rational…

Negativity is a disease. It’s contagious, it corrupts your mind, it clouds your judgment. When something goes wrong with life, many will find themselves locked up in resentment and pessimism.

In sharp contrast with people who lived 100 years ago, we have a wide range of opportunities to pursue, all kinds of entertainment, groceries delivered to our house, virtual reality, cheap electronics, and the list goes on. Yet, mental health is something that has been worsening globally for decades. Technology has solved many economic problems at the cost of giving us new psychological problems.

There are many reasons for this…

Scrum Master: “Good morning! Let’s start. Who wants to start?”
Dev: “I can start.”
Scrum Master: “Go ahead!”
Dev: “Yesterday, I started with a new task, TC-13385. The API that was promised to us is still not working, so I’m kind of waiting…”
Scrum Master: “Cool! Any impediments?”
Dev: “Eh, no impediments…”
Scrum Master: “Great! Who wants to be next?”

Scrum. Almost every software engineer has heard of it, experienced it, or even suffered from it. Since the year 1986, when the “Scrum” word was first introduced in the context of product development, followed by Agile Manifesto that was published…

The year 2020 brought many challenges of the unknown with its scope and gravity. For some, it became a treadmill of frustration, yet it opened new opportunities brought upon by circumstance on a short notice. Opportunities to rethink our perspectives, lives, and enduring practices at work. To slow down a bit, reflect and catch up with ourselves thusly.

When drawing inspiration to reinvent ourselves, where else to start if not by reading books? It is of common knowledge that reading is a great concern to managers, leaders, entrepreneurs, and anyone who seek to bring new ideas into their domain. …


Striving for a meaningful and fulfilling life, we determine our mission statement, set long-term goals and take a path of self-mastery that generates progress and soulful success. Everything is going well, we feel energized and productive, yet at some point, something happens and we lose our track. The momentum is all but gone.

Becoming productive is easy. Staying productive for a long period of time, however, this requires a lot of effort and discipline. And yet, long-term productivity is the game changer in bringing our big-time ambitions to battle.

I’ve been through times when I could spend all spare time…

Why do you work?

Past seven years have brought many revelations to me on the subject of purpose at work. Considering that people spend a major part of their adult life at work, it ought to be of a high importance to find a comfortable occupation that would generate a sense of satisfaction by contributing to a greater whole, working on a big deal and constantly sailing towards new horizons.

To aim for a purpose, the environment you are part of must support it. However, even nowadays many companies do not sufficiently understand the benefits of commitment and their departments are crowded with zombies…

Nowadays, software developers are the most desired people in the business sector. Demand for them has led their salaries to skyrocket, commonly exceeding $125k annually not only in the US, but in the entire world across the globe. What is more, developers living in countries with lower degree of market power can work remote, earning a lot more the local market could ever offer, while operating at very low monthly expense.

Software engineer job, pictured by many as a holy grail, dreamed as a castle in the sky by those who have decided to venture into it, offers many challenges…

With greatly low unemployment in IT sector, developers have a total control over their career. Thus, employers are fighting each other to show them something more than just a plain job offer. And hither came recruiters, a fundamental part of the hiring process. Their sole goal is to find great candidates, check them out and send a qualified selection to the hiring manager.

Those people endeavour to get an attention of candidates, doing research, checking their profiles, finding best matches for the role they are hiring for, developing trust and impressing them before they even come for a screening interview.

I know a thing or two about software engineering. When applying for a developer job, you have a plethora of companies at your disposal, ranging from dedicated software houses, gaming companies and institutions, to agencies and companies that aren’t necessarily tech, yet maintaining their own IT department.

Digital agencies are the ones I have become most knowledgeable about. Smaller and bigger ones, body-shopping software houses, consulting firms and product-delivery companies. Many articles have been written about upsides and benefits you can come by while working for one and I can totally relate to many of them. …

Adam Vesecký

I make apps plus bake cakes.

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