Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A), or Murders and Executions, a consolidation of companies where one acquires another or several companies merge in one, brings many strategical benefits — expansion into new markets, diversification of services, and increased market share to name a few. …

Negativity is a disease. It’s contagious, it corrupts your mind, it clouds your judgment. When something goes wrong with life, many will find themselves locked up in resentment and pessimism.

In sharp contrast with people who lived 100 years ago, we have a wide range of opportunities to pursue, all…

Scrum Master: “Good morning! Let’s start. Who wants to start?”
Dev: “I can start.”
Scrum Master: “Go ahead!”
Dev: “Yesterday, I started with a new task, TC-13385. The API that was promised to us is still not working, so I’m kind of waiting…”
Scrum Master: “Cool! Any impediments?”
Dev: “Eh, no impediments…”
Scrum Master: “Great! Who…

The year 2020 brought many challenges of the unknown with its scope and gravity. For some, it became a treadmill of frustration, yet it opened new opportunities brought upon by circumstance on a short notice. Opportunities to rethink our perspectives, lives, and enduring practices at work. …


Striving for a meaningful and fulfilling life, we determine our mission statement, set long-term goals and take a path of self-mastery that generates progress and soulful success. Everything is going well, we feel energized and productive, yet at some point, something happens and we lose our track. …

Why do you work?

Past seven years have brought many revelations to me on the subject of purpose at work. Considering that people spend a major part of their adult life at work, it ought to be of a high importance to find a comfortable occupation that would generate a sense of satisfaction by…

Adam Vesecký

I make apps plus bake cakes.

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